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This blog is devoted to beauty in all forms. I am all about finding those threads of beauty woven into our lives in even the most hum-drum of days. These sometimes tiny threads are often overlooked but connect us to beauty in our midst and in my way of thinking “Bring the spice” in life. They are waiting to be discovered. I am on this path of discovery with this blog and invite you to explore these with me and share your own “Threads of Beauty” as together we seek out beauty in the ordinary and make it known for all to bear witness to.

I adore the poetry of Mary Oliver ( St. Mary!), Rumi, John O’Donohue and so many others that speak from that thread of beauty running thru everything and guiding our own wise selves if we listen and look closely enough.

I will be sharing some floral creations, poetry, time tested recipes, some with a New Mexican influence as I discover the fabulous flavors in my new home of Santa Fe, and images that pop out at me on my wanderings.

Hope you will join me on the creative journey of letting beauty be our guiding star.

Thank you for your patience as I navigate this new format of creative expression.

Sunset and Full Moon over Juniper, Late Fall

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Hello Friends and fellow seekers on the path to all things good and beautiful,

By that I mean good food, lovely photos, deeply profound or provocative poetry, quirky and fun observations or ponderings and any floral creations worthy of my posting and your viewing.

Today it’s 38 degrees in Santa Fe with a brisk wind so that means a real feel of about 25 and forget about the “Wind Chill”. Our walk was short this morning needless to say (insert sad emoji). To keep the winter winds from going all the way thru us and into our bones I have been making some warming food that I am excited to post soon such as Wild rice and Mushroom soup and Quinoa Burgers with Roasted Red Pepper sauce.

Stay tuned for recipes and photos and some soulful poetry for embracing even the coldest winter until it melts into a puddle of warmth and we welcome spring.

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